White Paper: Open Innovation Best Practices

Knowledge Sourcing & Management

Best Practices & Tools to improve Access to Expertise and Open Innovation Processes

Effectively accessing knowledge from internal & external sources and capitalizing on that knowledge are key elements that significantly influence the succes of a company.


This 29 page White Paper, illustrates the Best Practices & approaches to structure global knowledge management processes to enhance innovation projects. It has been created to help companies:

Reach the right information at the right time capitalizing on an enterprise's collective intelligence.


The Pathway to Expertise

How to implement a Global Knowledge Base Solution?

How to Access the Best Knowledge?

Companies have to face new realities to find appropriate information and stay informed of their scientific and technological research ecosystem. This chapter shows them a pathway to facilitate their access to expertise thanks to a well- equipped approach.

Today, any organization that is looking to increase and improve innovation power, is bound to discuss knowledge management. This chapter presents best practices for sourcing  internal and external knowledge and how to transform them into value for your organization.

Companies are equipping themselves with tools to facilitate the capture, structure, spread and updating of information. This chapter explains the best practices to implement them and obtain an efficient global knowledge solution. 

Realized by: The Knowledge Base Company & Expernova

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"Knowledge is Power"

Francis Bacon

Access new opportunities being able to map-out internal and external knowledge.

Increase their value by improving the quality of their knowledge management.


Save time avoiding making the same searches twice and reduce the margin of errors.


10 Steps to implement a global knowledge base

The Pathway to access the expertise you need

The unmissable steps to easily access external knowledge

The pre-requisite you should focus on before choosing a sourcing tool

Best Practices & tools

A New Paradigm for Open Knowledge Management

Full Chapter List

Nurturing an information system to sustain access to valuable knowledge (fast, accurate and relevant information) is essential to survival on the market.  This chapter combines a global sourcing tool with a knowledge base to manage your knowledge capital. 



Being able to think in terms of flow and
exchange, knowledge networks and data
management constitutes a major challenge for

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2016. Expernova


2016.  Expernova

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If you liked this initiative, please share it!

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